Soldiers' Angels

A Candy Corn Customized Map Provides Sweets for Soldiers

Soldiers’ Angels provides programs to support and comfort the military, veterans, and their families. The Treats for Troops program encourages businesses to collect excess Halloween candy to send to soldiers.

Systems Used

Services Provided

Date Completed

  • June 2022

After the new website redesign in 2020, the Treats for Troops program experienced huge growth. With this kind of growth, they wanted to make it easy for participants to find collection centers. This challenge came with some pretty specific criteria:

  • Radial search based on an address (“near me” results)
  • “Email me this location” functionality where a user could email themselves collection site information
  • Enhanced location information and tool tips
  • Identification of closed locations, including visual indicators – like different icons on the map and text treatment

The solution Cornershop provided is a completely customized map that shows each registered collection center as a piece of candy corn. If the candy corn is colored, then the collection center is actively collecting candy. If it is gray, then they are not. People who want to donate their candy or trade it in for other goodies like toothbrushes, gift cards, and stickers can search the map to find the nearest collection centers. Once they find a location, they have the option to have all of the location details emailed to them for easy reference later. 

The map functions are connected to the collection site registration form and auto-responders. All combined, the program is now easier for the Soldiers’ Angels team to manage while providing a fun, interactive feature on the website.