Polar Bears International is an organization dedicated to securing a future for polar bears across the arctic. Their online shop supports polar bear conservation, with proceeds funding research, education, and advocacy efforts.

Systems Used

Services Provided

Date Completed

  • October 2021

Polar Bears International (PBI) contacted Cornershop to create a fundraising shop online that they could fill with adorable eCards, symbolic adoption opportunities, and polar bear themed gifts. We got pretty excited about this, because polar bears are super cool!

We built the shop using WooCommerce and our eCards implementation. PBI had a number of items in mind for their new shop, so we customized the platform and its features to suit their needs: :

  • Custom headers and footers were built to match the styles and branding used on their main website.
  • Some products are hidden from most users and only available to PBI staff who are logged in. This makes it easy for them to handle the inventory and distribution of internal items like brochures.
  • Product displays can be hidden by location so that customers only see the items that can actually be shipped to them.
  • Products can be bundled into packages with special rates thanks to the WooCommerce Product Bundles plugin.
  • We customized a PDF feature so supporters can purchase Eco-Adopton Certificates that deliver downloadable, personalized certificates. 

During the build process we used Zapier to connect supporter and transaction data to Salsa Engage so the PBI team could easily manage their customer data and mailing lists. We also included functionality for additional donation amounts and configured the shop with two popular payment options: PayPal and CardConnect.