Website Supports Advocacy for a More Accessible Gaming Community

AbleGamers fights social isolation through fun and games by working within the gaming industry to create inclusive gaming experiences for people with disabilities, ensuring that gaming isn’t off limits to anyone.

Systems Used

Services Provided

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Date Completed

  • May 2021

To help create a more inclusive global gaming community, AbleGamers hosts a Player Panel program of hundreds of players with disabilities to advise the gaming industry. They have also engineered custom equipment solutions, and are training developers to make more accessible games. 

AbleGamers reached out to Cornershop Creative because they wanted a new website that reflected their organizational change from advocacy to action. We identified ways to make their content more actionable and interesting, then created their new site using the Bjork theme, which has great accessibility features built in. But we didn’t stop there: AbleGamers worked with accessibility firm, Level Access, to audit the site, and we made adjustments to ensure it is as accessible as possible. We also optimized the site for SEO to make sure it could be found online.