eCard Campaign Builder

Engage New Supporters with an eCard Campaign

eCards are a great way to attract new supporters.

eCard forms are just like your standard signup or fundraising forms, with one special bonus: Shareable pictures for your supporters to send to their friends and family to show their support for your organization.

Design some virtual Valentines, spooky Halloween greetings, or a “Thank a Teacher” campaign. This is a simple, fun campaign tool that’s sure to motivate your community to spread the word.

Want to see more? Check out our demo site to see eCards in action.

Our customizable eCard platform is built using the popular and easy-to-use WordPress Gravity Forms plugin.

The multi-step eCard form option includes unlimited postcard image options, optional payment processing, and flexible supporter data fields. Purchase today for a flat fee, then use the add-on to build a standalone form or to integrate the form with your CRM!

  • Build beautiful campaign forms
  • Solicit donations and/or sell cards
  • Create unlimited postcard images
  • Personalize messages per recipient
  • Schedule eCards for later delivery
  • Embed on your own website
  • Connect data with popular CRMs
  • Process payments with PayPal, CardConnect, or
  • Collect address to send physical cards

eCards for List Growth

$750 for the initial eCard platform setup and configuration

One year of hosting, updates and platform support (renewable annually)

Ongoing improvements and enhancements as new features are released

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eCards for Fundraising

$1,000 for the initial eCard platform setup and configuration

One year of hosting, updates and platform support (renewable annually)

Ongoing improvements and enhancements as new features are released

Integration with processing through PayPal, CardConnect, or

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Need a demo?

Here’s a demo video from a webinar that we did with Salsa Labs in March 2019.

Contact us to schedule a personalized demo.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use the eCard forms for Advocacy?

    Good question! We designed the eCards functionality specifically for list-building and fundraising purposes, but we imagine that you could potentially use it for Advocacy purposes as well.

    A few things to keep in mind:

    • We haven’t integrated this with any sort of legislator look-up or congressional inboxes at all.
    • Legislators do tend to block “fancy” emails from their inboxes, so anything that isn’t plain text is very likely not going to get delivered, even if you do encourage your supporters to send a direct email for a legislator.
    • Encouraging emails to specific contacts at corporations will likely have better deliverability – but you’ll want to make sure you have a plan in place for how to handle any complaints from the recipients!
    • The eCards form is likely best used as a form of outreach to raise awareness with your supporters and their networks about a particular action.
  • How does the eCard form guard against spam?

    The forms are built through Gravity Forms, a WordPress plugin that includes several built-in features to ensure forms are not abused by spammers.

    WordPress itself also runs security plugins independent of Gravity Forms that help to mitigate spam.

    On top of this, we include integration with a transactional email service as part of the eCard package to ensure that email deliverability is covered, which adds another layer of protection against abuse.

  • Are there any other fees outside of the total amounts shown here?

    Our charge for the eCard features is a flat initial fee that includes the integration, hosting, and all details tied to the eCard forms.

    Additional fees may come up for transaction processing if you choose the fundraising features for your eCards. Though we will help configure these settings, the processing fees go to the gateway processor directly and aren’t something that we set nor collect.

    Do you use CardConnect or Salsa Engage for your transactions processing? We offer a free WordPress plugin to connect those transactions with your eCards form.

  • How are the organization's messages applied?

    When you invite your supporters to create an eCard message, they are able to customize the message that they send to their contacts.

    As part of that message, we also offer a field where you can append your own organization’s message, usually used for something related to your campaign such as fundraising form or “learn more” links and that sort of thing.

    These appended messages can be applied across your entire eCard platform or customized for specific card art.

  • Can I see what the admin interface looks like?

    Sure thing! Log in to check out our demo site’s admin options at:


    username: hello

    password: neatecardshere

  • Can I see some examples from other nonprofits?

  • Can I download a list of campaign participants?

    Yes, with a click of a button, you can download a complete list of both senders and recipients. You can even select which fields to export and filter by date or other conditions. If you would like the data to feed into a popular CRM, like MailChimp, Luminate Online, Engaging Networks, Salsa Labs, or Constant Contact, then we can set that up too.

  • Do I have to embed the form on my website?

    No, you may link directly to the hosted version of the form. It’s a simple design with the ability to customize a logo at the top of the page and include some footer text. In this demo site, we have used the Cornershop logo and kept the footer simple.

  • Can I personalize messages to each eCard recipient?

    Yes, while there is a default message for all eCards, users have the ability to customize that message on a per recipient basis.