Andi Salinas

Senior Project Manager

Andi has worked in the nonprofit sector since graduating from Michigan State in 2013, focusing on youth engagement, community development, and program management. Andi is excited to use the tools they’ve learned as a social worker and in the nonprofit sector to help organizations doing “the work”.

When Andi is not working, you can find them rock climbing (real and plastic), trying to convince their partner to go on long hikes (with minimal success), or pretending to be a pro gamer like the cool kids on Twitch.

BA in Public Policy, Michigan State University; MSW, University of Michigan
Driving exceedingly long distances without stopping
Past Employers
Human Rights Campaign
Zombie Apocalypse Survival Timeline
1 year*
2 cats
A pulaski wrapped in duct tape because duct tape fixes everything
Organizing information into colorful spreadsheets, complex problem solving, community building
Last Known Location
Lakewood, Colorado