Cameron Forrest

Web Content and Support Associate

Cameron tried his hand at writing novels when he was younger and is glad that none of the drafts have come to light. He’s been known to say, “Yeah, that sounds like something I can do,” before proceeding down a rabbit hole of research and planning. One of his favorite hobbies is learning about movies and video games that he’ll never watch or play.

He chanced upon content marketing and SEO and decided to dive in head-first, and he’s happy to be in a place where he can use his skills to create a positive impact.

MFA in Creative Writing - Indiana University, BA in English - Lincoln University
Playing air bass, having way too long of a reading list
Past Employers
Indiana University
Zombie Apocalypse Survival Timeline
1 week, if it’s survival of the fittest then I don’t fit in*
Proud step-dad of 3 great cats
Retorts he thought of after replaying the incident in his mind for several days
Writing, SEO, communication
Last Known Location
Indianapolis, Indiana