Chris Harmoney

Senior Developer

Chris began coding in elementary school and has been telling computers what to do ever since. During his decade with Boeing, Chris developed and supported an eclectic collection of enterprise web and mainframe applications. Here at Cornershop, he focuses on architecting and developing CMS and CRM solutions that snugly fit client’s needs and budgets. He loves seeing how Cornershop’s work directly and noticeably helps clients fulfill their mission.

Graduate certificate in Systems Engineering for Software Intensive Systems - Carnegie Mellon, BA in Economics - Washington State University, AAS - Whatcom Community College. Pursuing Masters in Computer Science - Georgia Tech
Technology sponge -- ability to learn things others can't, and then instantly make good on those new skills
Past Employers
Boeing, Georgia Tech
Zombie Apocalypse Survival Timeline
6 months*
Cats -- 5 of their 6 ends are pointy.
Making computers do interesting things, translating between non-technical end users and highly technical developers, using (and possibly learning) the right technology for any project, and an alphabet soup of languages, frameworks, and tools.
Last Known Location
Albuquerque, New Mexico