Kenji Garland

Senior Developer

Kenji has been designing and programming since middle school, where he got his start teaching sacred geometry to pixelated turtles, but quickly moved toward creating websites. In retrospect, this was a highly practical decision. In the past, Kenji has built sites for schools, startups, and multinational corporations. As a web developer with Cornershop, he’s able to indulge his fascination with technological systems while helping organizations connect with the audiences they deserve. He’s a great believer in WordPress and its focus on user experience for site administrators as well as visitors, and brings that philosophy to his own work in plugin and theme development. In his spare moments he negotiates a fragile detente between a lovely beautiful cat, Roswell SpookMagnet, and a lovely beautiful psychotic dog, Sister Cujo Kitsune; and tries, in various ways, to make the world a less hostile place for all its residents

BA in Electronic Music, Bard College
Tracking down and fixing bugs, the stranger and more mysterious the better; possibly able to survive on falafel sandwiches alone
Past Employers
United Nations
Zombie Apocalypse Survival Timeline
3 months*
Coconut cream, analog synthesis, wp-cli
Front- and backend development, and everything in between: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS/Sass/SCSS, JavaScript, a grab bag of other languages, and an ability to grasp complex and arcane systems (simple ones too).
Last Known Location
Kingston, New York