Leah Pillow

Project Manager

Leah has spent the bulk of her career building relationships and advocating for clients with the simple goal of maximizing her positive impact on the people she meets. Most recently, she has been helping small businesses on the Outer Banks navigate the world of web development with a focus on project management, search engine optimization, Wordpress, and client technical support / training.

She loves reading fiction, cooking vegetarian dishes, and exploring new ways that she can continue to do good in this world. She lives in one of the most bohemian neighborhoods in Nags Head with her two cats and copious books.

BA in Communications with a focus in Public Relations, BA in Anthropology from Longwood University
Animal whisperer, empathetic ears
Past Employers
Outer Banks Internet
Zombie Apocalypse Survival Timeline
3 months*
Two undersized, furry, wingless dragons (some people call them cats)
A pair of earbuds blasting a punk rock playlist for focus and a smooth ink pen. Also see pets.
Listening, research, creative thinking, SEO, enthusiastic about building client connections and relationships, losing and loving board games.
Last Known Location
Powhatan, Virginia