Lesley Molecke


Lesley has been working on the web since she was in high school and ran her own small web design shop before she could drive. She has extensive experience performing user testing and usability studies, rewriting and improving complex language to appeal to a wide variety of audiences, and helping organizations adopt the right technologies to achieve their goals. Her heart really belongs to nonprofits and small businesses, where she can see the tangible benefits of a healthy web presence: donations, connections, engagements, and sales.

BA in English and MBA - University of New Mexico
hands of fire, with smoking typing speed of 100 wpm
Past Employers
Albuquerque Public Schools, City of Albuquerque
Zombie Apocalypse Survival Timeline
3 months*
1, plus 2 kids
Bubble gun -- gun that shoots bubbles, stunning opponents with shimmery rainbow spheres.
Translating complex jargon into real-world language. Performing and analyzing usability testing. Reorganizing complex, information-rich sites with solid, user-friendly organization. Helping other people elucidate their needs and pick the right tools and integrations to fulfill those needs.
Last Known Location
Albuquerque, New Mexico