Marissa Carter

Digital Content Strategist

Marissa has been in content development since 2009, starting as a copywriter and adding skills along the way as the internet developed. She has worked with clients around the world to create and extend their online voices, and enjoys the process of learning about each organization to find the best way to help them overcome growth challenges. In addition to her content skills, Marissa is certified in UX/UI Design, Life Coaching, and Mindfulness.

When she is not working, she loves to travel and explore other creative pursuits like cooking, crocheting, and crafting. She is also very involved in the local community theatre and often teaches acting classes, directs plays, and helps out backstage for Children’s Performing Theatre of Independence.

UX/UI Design Certification - Thinkful, Institute for Children’s Literature - KCMO
Speeding through the scary and dull moments of life with colorful, musical montages
Past Employers
Leadership Innovations, Keyword Intent
Zombie Apocalypse Survival Timeline
Over a year*
2 cats
Rhetoric and scathing, sardonic wit
Deciphering complicated jargon, listening, matching brand voice and intent, creating systems, creating content, storytelling
Last Known Location
Independence, Missouri