Max Zimmer

Senior Developer

Max got his start in code through an introductory website class in the seventh grade and quickly developed a passion for it. Almost immediately, he began programming his TI-83 calculator to perform various tasks required for his Physics class. Of course, his teacher found out, and Max was not allowed to take the test with his shiny new program.

Max has held jobs in real estate, accounting, and operations, but code has always been a part of his life. An introduction to WordPress was all that was needed to spark a permanent career move to web development. While freelancing, he developed impactful WordPress websites for local businesses in his hometown of Portland, OR. Max also built specialized plugins to solve workflow issues he identified within design applications. Cornershop is now the place he happily calls “home”.

When not studying or writing code, Max enjoys archery, hiking, and karaoke with his partner, Nina.

Every day
Not needing to use an umbrella
Zombie Apocalypse Survival Timeline
More than one year*
Izzy the Floof
Bow and arrows that release the sweet sound of jazz piano
WordPress, PHP, ReactJS, data structures
Last Known Location
Portland, Oregon