Seyoung Park

Senior Project Manager

Seyoung has a passion for helping mission-driven organizations, and has been honored to work as a Project Manager at Everywoman Treaty, supporting cultural initiatives in the U.S. Embassy in Korea, and designing for small women-owned businesses. Here at Cornershop, she’s excited to work with organizations who do good in the world. When Seyoung isn’t project managing, you can find her getting creative, being a self-proclaimed foodie, and grounding herself with a solid journaling session.

B.A. in International Studies and Art & Technology - University of Oregon
Finding ways to put her skills behind causes that she believes in!
Past Employers
U.S. State Department, Everywoman Treaty, Self
Zombie Apocalypse Survival Timeline
2 months*
No pets, but a regular cat foster mom!
Asking good questions, facilitation, organization, creative thinking and design
Last Known Location
Washington, DC