Tam Nguyen

Email Production Associate

Tam enjoys the word “accountabilibuddy” and writing random notes in his notes app. He sometimes wonders at what point he will start looking old. When will his youngish man looks pivot into old-man territory? Surely, gravity will win. He does not believe that his friends have never had a bad bag of potato chips. Some bags are just better than others despite being the same brand and flavor. Tam is becoming more comfortable growing his hair out. It’s sorta 90s Patrick Swayze: hairdo or hairdon’t?

Prior to working with Cornershop, Tam built and maintained WordPress themes and developed responsive HTML email templates for Fortune 500 companies. Tam now uses his developer and designer talents to support awesome websites and build quality emails for Cornershop’s campaign implementation projects.

BA in English–Creative Writing from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Unbearably wonderful
Past Employers
McDill Design
Zombie Apocalypse Survival Timeline
3 months*
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, email template development
Last Known Location
Milwaukee, Wisconsin