Regional Asthma Management and Prevention

A User-Friendly Website Transformation for RAMP

Regional Asthma Management Prevention (RAMP) works to reduce the burden of asthma with a focus on health equity. They emphasize both prevention and management to build capacity, create linkages, and mobilize networks to advocate for policy and systems changes that target the root causes of asthma disparities.

Regional Asthma Management and Prevention
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  • November 2023

Saddled with an old and difficult-to-use website, RAMP was looking for a full redesign as soon as possible. Our team was eager to jump on the challenge and build a new website that better serves their important mission.

The new website uses Blocksy and offers visitors a more user-friendly experience, accomplished through a new easy-to-navigate sitemap, accessibility considerations, and thorough usability testing.

The RAMP team couldn’t be happier with the results. The website brings their organization to the next level and gives their digital presence a more professional look.