The Aspen Institute Community Strategies Group

Aspen Community Strategies Group Builds Equitable Rural Prosperity Site

Aspen Community Strategies Group (Aspen CSG) works toward improving equity, opportunity, health, and prosperity in rural communities in the United States.

The Aspen Institute Community Strategies Group
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  • September 2022

Aspen CSG is connected to the Aspen Institute, but has grown to a point where they need a website of their own to showcase their work and advocate for strong, healthy rural communities. After an arrangement with another agency didn’t work out, Aspen CSG brought their designs and vision to Cornershop.

They wanted to launch the website quickly, and already had a pretty clear idea of what they wanted, so we began by gathering all the information we could. Based on the designs, we were able to understand what the basic functions of the website should be, and some of the features that should be built in. We built the website from the ground up, adding features and design elements along the way with direction from the Aspen CSG team.

The new website is a visual treat with a clear brand identity. Some of the features include:

  • Color coding for post categories
  • A faceted search to help visitors find the information they want to read
  • Content syncing between the Aspen Institute website and the Aspen CSG website
  • Custom post ordering functions to order past and future events by date and display them in the correct order and format.