An Email Welcome Series Prepares the Way for Strong Donor Retention

WaterAid was founded to meet the needs of millions living without clean water, decent toilets, and clean hygiene around the world. They achieve this through direct action with local partners and through political activism, working with key decision-makers in all levels of government to advocate for better policies around water.

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  • December 2023

It’s a joy to work with their team through our ongoing email retainer, supporting a small piece of the incredible work that they accomplish as an organization.

Like many organizations, fundraising is an important part of how WaterAid functions, and their email strategy is a key component of their fundraising efforts. Email has the highest return on investment compared to other fundraising avenues, and donor retention is critical for successful email campaigns.

When a new donor decides to give to an organization, it’s important to follow up with a series of emails welcoming them and thanking them for their support.

Using the expertise of our content specialists and developers, we designed and built a three-email welcome series targeting new WaterAid donors and subscribers. The new welcome emails are concise, engaging, personalized, and encapsulate the WaterAid brand with a colorful and compelling design.

Since starting the email welcome series in 2022, the series has maintained metrics well above the industry average for nonprofits:

  • An open rate of 44%, compared to the nonprofit average of 25.17%
  • A click rate of 5.1%, compared to the nonprofit average of 2.79%

With the success of the Welcome Series, we’ll be focusing on developing a re-engagement campaign for lapsed donors next, focusing on donor retention to continue helping their team foster great relationships with their strong community of donors.