Habitat for Humanity East Bay/Silicon Valley

Habitat for Humanity Ads See Consistent Growth

Habitat for Humanity East Bay/Silicon Valley builds strength, stability and self-reliance in the East Bay and Silicon Valley areas in California through their homeownership programs and services. They’re working to solve the housing crisis in their communities — one family at a time —  because everyone deserves a decent place to call home.

Habitat for Humanity East Bay/Silicon Valley
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  • September 2023

With an ongoing retainer focused on Google Ads, our team at Cornershop Creative works with the Habitat for Humanity East Bay/Silicon Valley (HFHEBSV) team to maintain and grow their Google Ad Grant account.

Their account was well established and seeing good results, but there was still more opportunity for growth. Together, we set goals, strategize priorities and improvements, and assess results to attain that growth.

A Goal-Oriented Strategy

Each month, we meet up to discuss the organizational goals and priorities for their organization. Using those goals and priorities alongside actual results from their Ads account, we determine where to focus our efforts in the coming month. Often, our work includes:

  • Building new ad groups to promote new services, promotions, blog posts, and events
  • Encouraging searchers to take action by optimizing ad content and landing pages for conversions
  • Drafting and optimizing new responsive ads to grow the click through rate and send even more visitors to their websites
  • Growing impressions by researching and adding high-value keywords to their account
  • Responding quickly to dips in impressions or clicks, making updates accordingly to keywords, ads, and landing pages
  • Ensuring the account remains compliant with all Google Ad Grant policies


This flexible approach to Google Ads strategy has allowed us to jump on new opportunities quickly and support their internal needs each month.

Incremental Wins

They say the proof is in the pudding, right? While the nature of their work and promotions and public interest in it fluctuates throughout the calendar year, we’ve been able to make incremental gains.

Growing from numbers around the 300s, their account now often sees more than 500 conversions in a given month. Most of these conversions are donation actions, resulting in direct ROI for our work. That’s about a 17% increase in the most important actions on their sites!

One of their most successful ad groups, which promotes furniture donation pick-ups for their ReStore, saw these results over a period of five months:

  • 21,911 impressions
  • 2,892 clicks
  • 10.36% click through rate
  • 1,393 conversions


It was great to see so many searchers taking direct action after viewing these search ads!

Though more subtle from month to month, we’ve also seen the click through rate rise and the bounce rate lower throughout the past year of Google Ads work.

We’re enjoying the wins — big and small — and forging ahead with an optimization and Ads strategy rooting in HFHEBSV’s goals.