League of Women Voters

Campaign Implementation Services Help League of Women Voters Build Online Engagement

We’ve been honored to work with our friends at Avalon Consulting to support the League’s mission, facilitating and organizing online strategies as part of our campaign implementation services.

League of Women Voters
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  • October 2020

Like many nonprofits, the League of Women Voters uses email appeals, surveys, and fundraising forms to garner support and attention from constituents on their mailing list.

First, Avalon Consulting works with the League to develop strategies, content, and design for new campaigns (check out their amazing success stories). Then, we provide the technical support to bring the campaigns to life  by building the emails and donation forms in the Salsa platform.

Each campaign includes:

  • A beautiful, mobile-friendly Salsa email template.
  • A custom landing page and autoresponders.
  • Campaign-specific enhancements like survey forms and graphics.
  • Custom welcome series for new donors, to encourage long-term engagement after an initial action.

For a recent appeal, we used custom tracking codes to change the donation form ask amount based previous giving. The appeals went out to around 34,000 supporters, and raised nearly five times more than the previous appeals! The League now uses custom tracking codes for every email appeal.

We’ve built, tested, and monitored results for thousands of emails since we first started working with the League. Whether we’re assisting with email templates, targeting strategies, survey layouts, rapid response templates or anything else, we’re honored that we can continue to support Avalon and the League in their awesome work.

Need help with your online fundraising? Learn more about our campaign support services or contact us for more information.