Oasis - A Haven for Women and Children

New Site Design Helps Oasis Provide Support in New Jersey

Oasis is an organization serving women and children facing hunger, domestic violence, poverty, and other challenges in working to provide needed resources and education in Paterson, New Jersey. Their work provides for over 61,000 meals served, more than 200 children attending summer camps, and upwards of 350 women attending classes, helping families access needed basic services and the education they need to enhance their futures.

Oasis - A Haven for Women and Children
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  • December 2023

The team at Oasis reached out to us about designing a new site, replacing their old outdated designs with updated and responsive new ones that better reflected their organization, and taking charge of overhauling their donation forms.

From our conversations and full audit of the site, we knew that revamping their donation forms was the top priority. Their previous system was clunky and difficult to use, leading to visitor frustration and ultimately fewer donations.

We knew the best platform for creating new donation forms and allowing the option for multiple payment methods would be Blackbaud Luminate Online. Using Luminate alongside Gravity Forms, we were able to:

  • Add options for both one-time and monthly donations
  • Customize the payment methods allowed to include PayPal, Venmo, and Google and Apple Pay

Now users are able to easily input their payment information and get confirmation that they’ve contributed to a good cause.

We developed the site using a combination of Blocksy and Gutenberg, creating a site that’s not only inviting and appealing for users, but allows for easy WordPress maintenance and new features and functionalities to be added and customized as Oasis continues to grow.

With the new design, visitors can now more easily navigate the site, with potential donors being able to find information on the impact of their dollars, and those in need can more easily find resources and programs that may benefit them.