Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide

New Site Provides ELAW Visitors User-Friendly Navigation across the Globe

ELAW (Environmental Law Alliance) is a global alliance of scientists, attorneys, and advocates helping communities speak out about environmental issues. For over 30 years, they’ve collaborated with lawyers to help challenge unsustainable practices and projects to protect biodiversity, climate, and those who advocate for environmental justice.

Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide
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  • February 2024

With the team at ELAW, we developed a plan to build a new and improved site with a refreshed design and better functionality to serve their needs. Their major goals for their custom nonprofit website were to have a site with user-friendliness, navigation, and future functionality in mind so it would be easily editable by current and future staff. 

We developed the site using a combination of Blocksy and Gutenberg, allowing us to implement a number of great features including:

  • Faceted search to allow visitors to search for information more efficiently
  • Resource Libraries on each of their subsites that compile information in an easily accessible hub, including a robust method of searching PDF files
  • TranslatePress which was especially important to them as an international organization and help spread information across multiple countries

Using Gutenberg alongside Blocksy not only allowed us to include these features and functionality, but will make it easy for their team to update the site with new and improved features in the future without running into issues with outdated design elements. 

Since they’ve been compiling resources and information for multiple decades, a focus of our work was to avoid losing necessary content while taking advantage of the opportunity to purge what was no longer useful and reimagine how their content would be displayed. This allowed ELAW to keep the content their visitors have benefitted from and will continue to use in a more updated and user-friendly way. 

All of these combined with a new design were essential to their goals of better user experience navigating and using the site, and we’re proud of the opportunity to help support their mission.