CCAN Action Fund

New Website Helps Host a Modern and Streamlined Raffle in House

CCAN works to fight against global warming, specifically in Chesapeake Bay states of Maryland, Virginia, and D.C.

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Date Completed

  • August 2022

CCAN does an annual raffle to give away a high end electric vehicle. They’ve had great success with their raffle in past years, and asked Cornershop to create a website where they could host the raffle themselves instead of going through the third party, Rally-up, as they had in past years.

We developed the website using WordPress and WooCommerce, making plenty of custom changes along the way to create:

  • A raffle with lottery functionality on WooCommerce 
  • A countdown for ticket sales
  • Thermometer showing funds raised
  • Donor Wall
  • Flow Chart

The finished website is as clean and modern as CCAN requested, and the raffle for 2022 is well underway.