Oblates of the Virgin Mary

Oblates of the Virgin Mary Implement an Annual Marketing Strategy That Boosts Conversions

The Oblates of the Virgin Mary (OMV) are a group of Catholic priests and brothers working to bring about a rebirth of spirituality in today’s world. In the United States, their work and ministries include a seminary to educate new members, spiritual direction, online and in-person Masses, and feeding their community’s spiritual hunger in a variety of different ways.

Oblates of the Virgin Mary
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  • December 2023

Most organizations would like to see an uptick in conversions on their website, but few have the knowledge and capacity needed to actually achieve those results. Through an ongoing retainer that includes content strategy and development, our team at Cornershop is able to support the OMV team’s marketing needs throughout the year, working to help them reach their website goals.

Our partnership includes a range of marketing work, strategy development, and implementation that shifts on a weekly basis depending on the OMV team’s priorities:

  • Campaign strategy and implementation
  • Google Ad Grant management
  • Blog and website content creation
  • SEO work
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Website updates
  • And more!

When big campaigns, like the Gala,  Lent, Advent, and the Annual Appeal, we’re able to pull off multi-channel promotional efforts to engage their audience through the website, email, social media, and ads.

The updated Our Work page is an easy jumping off point to show off all of the organization’s various ministries.In 2022, we achieved some great results together through this work. Among other promising results, we increased both the total number of conversions and the conversion rate on their site as a whole. An in-depth analysis of their website stats gave us a lay of the land and improvements and opportunities to focus on in the coming year to continue boosting conversion numbers over time.

We’re looking forward to working with the OMV team and helping to optimize their website and marketing strategies for many years to come!


A prayer request pop-up has been successful at converting visitors site-wide.


The updated Our Work page is an easy jumping off point for visitors to learn about various ministries.