OBOS Fundraising Campaign

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  • January 2016

We were happy to hear back from OBOS months after we launched their redesigned and rearchitected website, but sad to hear why they were calling: their funds were critically low, and they needed a fundraising campaign — fast — to keep their programs and projects running.

The goal was to implement an online campaign around the theme #obostaughtme, to help raise more money quickly. To support the campaign, we:

  • Updated the homepage to focus on the critical campaign
  • Added a fundraising callout on every page of the site, to draw more attention to the campaign
  • Created a new landing page to showcase the campaign efforts
  • Created a photo wall of images uploaded by supporters
  • Created peer-to-peer fundraising campaign, so supporters could raise money among their supporters

It wasn’t long before the organization surpassed its $100,000 fundraising goal.


OBOS fundraising callout