California Pan-Ethnic Health Network

Pan-Ethnic Health Network Advocates with New Website

The California Pan-Ethnic Health Network works to mobilize communities of color to advocate for public policies that advance health equity and improve health outcomes in their communities.

California Pan-Ethnic Health Network
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  • January 2021

They wanted to move away from Drupal to a new, cleaner site that would be more manageable, and on a platform that better fit their needs. We created their brand new WordPress site using the Blocksy theme. We included a few neat features including a faceted search, a timeline plugin that shares their story beautifully, a newsletter archive that automatically populates updates from Mailchimp, and a few custom reports so they could display their PDFs! 

The featured color blocks on the site are very engaging. Overall, they now have a better performing site that they can continue to build upon and be proud of for years to come.