Progressive Cause Gets a New Website to Grow With

EducateUS is a c4 institution, partnering with Sex Ed for Social Change (SIECUS), with the goal of advancing progressive sexual education policy and transforming K-12 sex ed in the United States.

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Date Completed

  • November 2021

EducateUS had a great mission and team, but needed a website to really spread the word for their cause. The new website needed to be able to keep up with rapid growth, and be accessible in every way. 

To meet these challenges, the Cornershop team chose to build the website using the Cindy theme, which is known for accessibility. The fresh and colorful website features plenty of white space, attention-grabbing calls to action, and great imagery. We also integrated with Salsa Labs and installed Gravity Forms to make sure that the new EducateUS site will support their future endeavors, with room for growth in both information-gathering and communication efforts. To finish up, we optimized the website using technical SEO best practices to make sure the site could be found by its waiting audience. The EducateUS team is thrilled with the new website and eagerly set about making it their own.

  • Thank you so much Leah, and the whole Cornershop team! We love the new site, and I’ve logged in and started to kick the tires. Thank you so much for keeping this project on budget and on time, but yet still collaborative and creative. Truly living the dream!

    Jaclyn Friedman, Founder and Executive Director