Prospect Park Alliance

Prospect Park Alliance Accessibility Reskin Showcases New Branding and Enhances Accessibility to Reflect Their Vision and Boost User-Friendliness

Prospect Park Alliance is a group of ecologists, educators, maintenance workers, and more, all dedicated to fostering and maintaining the beauty and community of Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Through coordinating events, advocating for sustainability, and restoring the natural beauty of the park, they’ve helped to develop a community space that serves more than 460,000 people annually.

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Date Completed

  • January 2024

Over the time that their organization has grown and developed, the Prospect Park team realized that they needed to rebrand as well as increase accessibility across the site to reinforce their dedication to serve everyone in Brooklyn and reflect their updated vision as an organization.

To do so, we collaborated with them on this reskin project by updating their branding across the site as well as their email newsletter template, focusing on making the site more navigable and accommodating.

For their email template, our focus was on revamping their colors and other designs to reflect their new brand and boost accessibility. While we were updating the templates, we noticed a number of issues where we could make their emails more streamlined and reduce possible problems with displaying content and deliverability. Our team took initiative and worked to resolve these issues alongside completing the rebranding within the project timeline.

The main focus of our project, however, was the rebrand of their website. There were various fixes alongside the reskin that we took advantage of the time to resolve, including:

  • Fixes for The Events Calendar plugin
  • Resolving issues with the photo gallery
  • Accessibility fixes

Since their site utilizes a complex, custom built theme, our team strove to apply a fix to these issues with the assurance that they would work well with the current site as a whole.

Now Prospect Park not only has a great looking updated branding element across the site and email templates, but has also implemented more accessible colors and features to make sure that everyone in their community can use their site, read about upcoming events and news, and find more enjoyment in the park!