Rebrand Gives Joybound’s Site a Brand New Look & Feel

Joybound has a more than 30 year history of connecting pets with loving families and performing over 100,000 essential vet procedures to keep pets healthy and housed. Their work is centered around helping to form, support, and celebrate human-animal bonds as well as provide resources, food and supply assistance, and therapy and service animal programs for the Northern California area. 

Systems Used

Services Provided

Client Sector

Date Completed

  • March 2024

Having collaborated with Joybound since 2021, we were excited to help give their site the overhaul it needed to better reflect their mission. 

Along with their new designs, we made specific considerations during the project to help coordinate the multiple moving parts needed to rebrand the site:

  • coordinating with 3rd party services that also work with the Joybound team to make sure everything was updated correctly and on-time for launch
  • going the extra mile to check for pages that were uniquely designed with the previous branding and name in mind and make sure that these pages work properly with the new design
  • thorough quality assurance process to make sure that everything was updated and ready to go for the launch.

Part of this rebrand was also updating the name of the organization across the site. We happily worked with their SEO consultant to get clarification on the clients’ goals and make sure that everything that needed to be changed was to avoid any lapses in traffic or issues with rankings. 

With the rebranding, a major concern was maintaining the accessibility of the site. As the brand colors and colors used across the site changed, we quality checked the color changes as well as the fonts to make sure that the color contrast and other accessible necessities would be retained with the new design. 

Overall, we’re excited and grateful to continue our work with Joybound and are proud to have helped them update the site in a way that feels more authentic to them as an organization. We’re looking forward to seeing what the future of Joybound’s work and our partnership brings in the coming years.