Packard Center for ALS Research

The Packard Center Website Makes ALS Research More Approachable for Supporters

Part of the Johns Hopkins Research Center, the Packard Center funds and supports ALS research around the world. Our team feels lucky to have been a small part of their important work.

Packard Center for ALS Research
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  • April 2024

The website platform that the Packard Center previously used was disappearing, and they wanted to migrate the website to WordPress. Through that migration process, they wanted to tidy and update their content to be more approachable, current, and helpful for supporters.

Using the Blocksy theme, our team built their new site complete with:

  • Research project template to highlight the most important pages on their site
  • Faceted search to help supporters find information quickly
  • A megamenu to show off their navigation
  • A people post type to make Team pages shine
  • Pop up design with intuitive functionality

With their content cleaned up and these helpful new features, they had a fresh start to present their projects and team. Their beautiful new site showcases the Packard Center approach and its most important research in a way that’s easy for supporters to navigate.