RealHR Solutions

Website Updates Help Real HR Solutions Spread the Word About Services

Real HR Solutions helps clients successfully meet their business goals and objectives by providing customized, high-quality, and efficient HR services. Our team enjoyed partnering up to make sure that quality support was reflected on their website.

Systems Used

Services Provided

Date Completed

  • July 2023

The Real HR Solutions team approached us for help with revamping the content and design elements on a few key pages of their site, as well as improving both the search engine optimization (SEO) and accessibility of the site.

We kicked off the project by conducting an audit of the site, making recommendations based on their goals.

We were then able to work through those recommendations, updating the content and design on pages throughout their site, as well as improving the usability, accessibility, and technical SEO of the site. We improved page headers and added client testimonials to key pages, using design elements to help them stand out. Their new News & Events page allows Real HR Solutions to keep their community updated and informed.

Now, visitors to the site have an easier time finding the information that they need and learning more about the awesome services that Real HR Solutions provides! Plus, they’re able to find that information from the search engines they use most.

Throughout our partnership, we’ve also provided ongoing maintenance and support to make sure the Real HR Solutions website is always running smoothly and making updates to the site as needed.