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We also make awesome plugins & themes.

Sure, we build websites and fundraising templates, but we also build WordPress plugins.

We value the opportunity to contribute our own work to the WordPress community that has served us so well.

WP Popup

Add a (Not Annoying) Pop-Up to Your Site

Whatever you want to call them — modals, lightboxes, overlays or popups — WP Popup can be used to add one to your site. While this plugin offers fine-tuned control over where and when the lightboxes display, it was developed to be simple and lightweight: WP Popup won’t cause your site to take a big performance hit by loading lots of complicated and extraneous CSS and JavaScript.

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WordPress Navigation - simple section plugin

Better Section Navigation

Easily Build New Menus

Easily build sub-navigation using this free plugin.

WordPress navigation lists are built (and will update!) automatically based on your content structure.

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Widget Menuizer

Improve Your Mega Menu with Widget Content

With this plugin, anything you can do with a widget can now be done inside your menus. This makes the menu system much more powerful, enabling easy creation of sophisticated menu features.

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Gravity Forms Add-ons

Transfer Data from WordPress Forms Into Your CRM

These WordPress plugins make your online forms not only easier to create but also more powerful.

By connecting Gravity Forms with Luminate and Salsa, our add-on pushes data from your Gravity Forms to your CRM, creating or updating supporter and donation records.

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WP Congress

Engage Your Supporters and Empower Their Activism

Integrated with the ProPublica Congress API, this plugin helps you populate your site with information about legislators and how their votes support or challenge your work.

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eCard Campaign Builder

Engage New Supporters with an eCard Campaign

This multi-step eCard platform includes unlimited postcard image options, optional payment processing, and flexible supporter data fields. Purchase today for a flat fee, then use the add-on to build a standalone form or to integrate the form with your CRM!

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Business people gathered around a table may discuss how to best use a nonprofit annual report template

WordPress Nonprofit Annual Report Builder

Use Our Nonprofit Annual Report Template to Build Reports Right Inside WordPress

The Annual Report Plugin includes 7 reusable blocks with content prompts and animations. Easily edit the blocks with information about your nonprofit organization to create beautiful long-form content that can be exported to PDF and printed.

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media deduper banner image

Media Deduper

End the Chaos: Organize Your WordPress Media Library

Save disk space and bring some order to the chaos of your media library by downloading one of our Media Deduper plugins, built to help you find and eliminate duplicate images and attachments from your WordPress media library.

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