Five Neat Things You Can Do With Our eCards Campaign Platform

An eCards campaign can be pretty neat no matter what. ECards give us an easy, fresh way to grow our supporter lists and increase donations. They also inspire supporters to share our messages with friends. But we think our eCards Platform is especially nifty, thanks to some key features developed with nonprofit desires in mind.

1. Get a functioning eCards campaign form in less than two weeks.

We use a template and simple branding rules to keep the setup process as straightforward as possible. You provide the image files and your branding preferences, and we’ll get your eCards form hooked up and ready to roll.

2. Set a price per recipient.

If you want to use your eCards campaign for fundraising, you can set a minimum amount for the form. However, you can also set a price per recipient. This motivates supporters to give more and to share a meaningful gift with their friends and family.


3. Embed the eCards form on your site. Or not!

Share your eCards campaign using a shortcode to add your eCard form within your own website template, or use our hosted url to link directly to the eCard form with your logo and brand colors.

4. Import recipients.

Looking to solicit donations from corporate donors? Donors can import a list of recipients, boosting your fundraising efforts and providing corporations and organizations with a way to broadcast their goodwill even further.

5. Resend messages to recipients.

Each supporter receives an email receipt for their eCard submission, including a link to resend a recipient’s email.

Ready to try it out on your own? Test our ecards demo now, or purchase today and get started with your own eCards campaign!


Chelsea has over a decade of experience with progressive nonprofits, social change, and nonprofit technology, thanks to nine years working at Salsa Labs in technical support, product development, and marketing before joining the Cornershop team. Her passion for quality communication, authentic relationships, and creative nerds serves her well as project manager at Cornershop.