Proud to join

We’re thrilled to announce that Cornershop Creative has joined as a Founding Member. We love technology and the power it has to change the world for the better, but also acknowledge that this very same power can be used to drive and accelerate hate. We’re committed to ensuring our work does not further enable extremism and hatred  in the United States. is leveraging the Southern Poverty Law Center Extremist Files, specifically the Extremist Groups list, as its primary measure of extremism. 

By joining, we are: 

  • Promising our clients, especially those whose work is deeply connected to democracy and social justice, that we won’t simultaneously enable their detractors with our services. 
  • Promising our staff that we, as a business, are taking seriously the threat of extremism in the United States, and committing to a journey of learning that can be integrated into our work.

There’s so much more that we can do to stop extremism, but we need a place to start, and that’s why we’re joining 

To learn more and join us, please visit