An updated Way to Display Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Reports

An updated Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) report for 2021 from FoodCorps, an organization that works with communities to provide healthy food for children in schools.

Systems Used

Services Provided

Client Sectors

Date Completed

  • October 2021

FoodCorps is on a mission to make sure all kids, regardless of socioeconomic standing, have nutritious food to eat. They have done so much to make sure that their services are diverse and inclusive that they wanted to spread awareness of these efforts in a report. 

After working with FoodCorps to redesign their site and donation form, and build them an intranet (adorably named the Toolshed), and a microsite, we were honored to work with them on their 2021 Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion report. 

We transformed their EDI report text into a dynamic digital report that lives on their main domain. The baked in lots of fun elements, including unique hover options and interactive pie charts. The finished EDI report is responsive and easy to share with a link so it can be viewed by a wide audience on any device they choose.

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