FoodCorps Toolshed Project

Gardeners keep their shovels, hoes, and clippers in a toolshed. FoodCorps, a team of service corps members who bring gardens and healthy eating to elementary school kids all over the country, keep their resource and training documents in The Toolshed.


Systems Used

Client Sectors

Date Completed

  • May 2017

During their time with FoodCorps, service members interact with many different tools, which were previously stored in many different websites, with different logins. We helped FoodCorps rebuild their old Plone-based resource library, using WordPress, SearchWP, and FacetWP to create an improved, easily searchable resource library behind a single, Google Apps sign on.

We already know we’ve made the Toolshed easier for FoodCorps staff to maintain, but the proof is in the pudding: we’re now collecting data, and hoping to see an increase in both traffic and document downloads in the Toolshed, as well as a decrease in the number of calls or emails from service members asking for technical help.