Access Now

Centralizing Resources in One Site for Access Now

Access Now is an organization dedicated to defending freedom of expression and internet access for journalists, human rights defenders, and other advocacy groups.

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Date Completed

  • March 2023

Access Now approached us with several exciting, different goals for their website: they wanted to create a more vibrant and dynamic way of updating and displaying their content, integrate their multiple standalone sites so that they could be brought into one central location, focus on redefining their web presence, and improve the overall performance and feel of their site.

We eagerly accepted the challenge and developed several different elements on their new site including;

  • A custom built “Region Importer” where Access is able to import CSV files for automatic updates of terms.
  • Multiple ‘key page’ builds.
  • A “Click to Tweet” block; which allows users to click a button and tweet at a specific user.
  • A custom “Post Grid” block, which has been integral to the customized display of post types throughout the site. The grid block allows Access to display posts in a specific manner, and users to view in either a grid or list form:

  • Featured Posts Grid which allows them to manually select the most important and relevant information and share it in a prominent location.
  • Homepage hero looping video.
  • Rebuilding and updating Engaging Networks Templates.
  • A “Get Alerts” Newsletter sign up Pop Up:

  • A map, and other specific blocks, features, and post type templates to develop a more cohesive and updated web presence that displays their work and resources in an easy to understand way:

We also collaborated with Access Now in reorganizing their content in an entirely new structure with different post types and taxonomies to meet their audience’s needs. Using these tools, they are able to display updates and important news, offer resources, and opportunities for volunteers to get involved in supporting their mission.