Cornershop Support and Maintenance

How can we help you?

Running a website can be a lot like owning a car.

Regular, preventative maintenance is necessary if you want to make sure everything’s working as well as it can!

You can run regular WordPress yourself, but sometimes it’s nice to have a “mechanic” on hand.

Starting at $800 per year, our support packages include the services you need to keep your site updated and secure, and the personalized assistance you need to move your mission forward.

Basic Support ($800 per year) includes:

  • Weekly updates to WordPress Core and plugins (the most common hacking vectors on a WordPress site)
  • Homepage Visual Comparison Monitoring to better track any variations caused by plugin updates
  • Automated security scans
  • Weekly offsite backups
  • Uptime monitoring and notifications when your site goes down (including support communication and troubleshooting as needed)

Complete Support ($2,100 per year) includes:

  • All of the above from the Basic Support plan
  • Assessment of hacking or spam code, within limits (Additional estimates may be needed, depending on the complexity of the case.)
  • Visual Comparison Monitoring on homepage and two additional pages to better track any variations caused by plugin updates
  • SendGrid or Mailgun configuration to facilitate email deliverability by request
  • Support for Fast Tasks from our Cornershop Team
  • Discounted Development Rates ($150 per hour, instead of our standard maintenance rate of $175/hour) for anything outside the scope of a Fast Task

What’s a Fast Task, you wonder?

  • Initial troubleshooting and investigation of new issues (30 minutes or less)
  • Quick adjustments to content, images, alignment, styles, etc. (Anything that doesn’t require a substantial code change.)
  • Installation of new plugins (though configuration cost may be additional)

If, after our initial investigation, we find that a task is definitely going to take more than an hour to properly address, we’ll provide an estimate of what work needs to be done. After you approve the additional hours, we’ll proceed at a discounted development rate of $150/hour. If we spend less time than originally anticipated, we bill the lesser amount.

Complete Support + Add-ons ($3,100 per year) includes:

Have specific concerns about your site? We’re happy to discuss add-on support as needed, including things such as:

Hosting Support

Cornershop will liaise with your host on your behalf during regular weekday business hours, which is defined as 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern Time. We’ll support you and your team with any site outages or performance issues and will work directly with your host to resolve issues, sparing you the dreaded tech talk.

e-Commerce Support

To best support e-Commerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Cornershop will perform all updates on the Cornershop development server first to ensure they won’t impact functionality on your live site. Our team will personally test the results to ensure transactions continue to process correctly on one form before deploying these updates to your live site. We’ll do our best to ensure that plugin updates won’t negatively impact the configuration of your store or transaction processing, and we’ll let you know when we need your assistance with testing.

Multi-Site Support

Because Multi-Sites involve supporting more than one site, these networks use more bandwidth and require more resources when our team updates plugins and WordPress Core. We address these concerns by spending additional time backing up each site and testing updates.

Additional Functionality Tests

All support plans include Visual Comparison Monitoring to track any variations caused by plugin updates, but for some additional peace of mind, we can craft customized tests for your site at your request. These automated tests help us to ensure your site is running effectively and that specific functionality, such as search, maps, or forms continue to work as expected.

Ready to get started? Submit the form, and our team will gladly follow up with more information about how we can help you!