#17NTC WordPress Salon Presentations to tide you over until #18NTC

March 29, 2017

Thank you for joining us at our WordPress Salon!

The Cornershop team received great feedback and questions at our sessions this year, and we’re so thankful to our many presenters for sharing their wisdom!

We love being a part of the broader NTC experience and are happy to supplement the amazing list of 17NTC Collaborative Notes with presentation slides from the WordPress Salon sessions:

Thanks, too, for joining us at our WordPress Saloon happy hour!

It was a pleasure catching up with old friends and new at DC’s Open City restaurant. Thanks to everyone who joined us and also, thanks for not laughing at us too much while we tried to figure out how to take a full team picture!

Thank you for stopping by the Cornershop Creative booth!

We loved sharing our fake produce and sincere smiles with you all.

Foam strawberries and plastic pickle pens never fail to spark great conversations, and we love how many of you return to stock up on new items for nonprofit-loving kids and pets, too!

See you next year in New Orleans, friends!

Until then, put those WordPress freakers, squishy oranges, and carrot pens to good use, and let us know if we can help out in any way.

By Chelsea Bassett

Chelsea has over a decade of experience with progressive nonprofits, social change, and nonprofit technology, thanks to nine years working at Salsa Labs in technical support, product development, and marketing before joining the Cornershop team. Her passion for quality communication, authentic relationships, and creative nerds serves her well as project manager at Cornershop.