Donation Form Drinking Game

August 1, 2018

Although we’re not in the habit of boozing it up in the middle of the work day, we do love taking shots at bad donation forms and getting drunk on tips and tricks for improving donation forms. That’s why I was so happy to join my friend and customer, Carrie Mann from Friends of the Earth to present Donation Form Drinking Game.

We don’t want to bottle up our knowledge like some kind of exclusive top shelf. Instead, we’ll pour out our knowledge here, and let you discover the proof yourself:

Download the full slide deck or sample the goods here:

  • Make sure your form is branded. Don’t just slap your logo on the top and assume people will trust that your form is legitimate. We offer modern, mobile-friendly, beautiful templates that can be used in a variety of donation platforms.
  • Don’t use platform defaults. While some platforms are better than others, you can increase donation numbers and amounts by customizing images, text, giving levels, and form fields.
  • Make it mobile-responsive. Fewer than 20% of all nonprofit donation forms are mobile-responsive, and donors will almost immediately close a form on a mobile device if it’s not mobile friendly.
  • Create a clear call to action. Be sure to customize your images so donors know where their money is going and how it will make an impact.
  • Remove the cancel button. Surprisingly, many platforms have a cancel button by default on the donation form. That doesn’t make sense, and people click it on accident!
  • Ask, then ask again. Recurring donations can go a long way toward increasing your online donations and revenue. Adding an upsell lightbox to your donation form can result in a huge increase in conversions and ongoing donors.
  • Make it easy. It’s important to make it as easy as possible to donate. Services like PayPal and Amazon Pay make it really simple to donate in services people are familiar with.

These small changes — and many more in the Donation Form Drinking Game presentation — can make a huge difference in the number of people completing your forms and donating in higher amounts.

Drink up, and download the full slide deck.

By Ira Horowitz

With 15 years’ experience, Ira is an expert in nonprofit online communications and online fundraising. His work has resulted in increased funds and resounding supporter engagement for hundreds of organizations. Ira oversees our project management team and works with clients to provide our clients with the best possible final product. He also manages all of our strategic engagements and helps guide nonprofits to determine their long-term strategy goals for online communications.