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Multi-Step Donation Form for Canine Companions

We designed an engaging sequential donation form for Canine Companions, and in 2016, Canine Companions tried a new Giving Tuesday fundraising tactic that paid off handsomely.

Canine Companions

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  • August 2016

“Due to the high saturation of messaging on Giving Tuesday, we kicked off our fundraising campaign on what our organization calls ‘Black Lab Friday.’ Since we had a match, we were able to encourage donations early and over a five-day period, rather than just on Giving Tuesday,” explained Canine Companion’s National Online Marketing Manager, Dani Logue.

Canine Companions, a nonprofit organization that enhances the lives of people with disabilities by providing highly trained assistance dogs free of charge, had performed well in past #GivingTuesdays. With a loyal following of supporters and a great mission (because, of course, who doesn’t love puppies?!), their message is compelling for both current and new donors alike.

However, their #GivingTuesday results had plateaued, and Canine Companions wanted to explore ways they could increase their #GivingTuesday numbers and start the end of the year fundraising season on the right paw (see what we did there?). 

“Using language such as – ‘Choose black labs over sales tags!’ in email and social messaging, we kept the campaign fun and upbeat yet still mission-focused. Cornershop Creative helped pull the campaign together and coordinate all of our efforts for a highly successful campaign,” Dani shared.

In creative talks with their marketing team and Cornershop, the idea for Black Lab Friday was born. #GivingTuesday traditionally falls around its retail equivalents, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In order to capitalize on these well-known commercial spending sprees, Black Lab Friday was launched in conjunction with Black Friday on the Friday before #GivingTuesday and was promoted for five days instead of just one.

By getting a jump on other organizations, extending their window of opportunity, tying their messaging to other mainstream events, and capitalizing on great wordplay, Canine Companions increased nearly all of their metrics from previous #GivingTuesday efforts. The Black Lab Friday campaign performed the best out of the three years Canine Companions has participated in #GivingTuesday, bringing in the highest total amount raised, number of gifts, open rates and average gift.

While #GivingTuesday promotes a great day of giving, Canine Companions was able to think outside the box and use the movement as a launching pad to celebrate philanthropy beyond the one day that #GivingTuesday.  When thinking about what to do for your next #GivingTuesday campaign, remember: try something new, play into your branding and mission, and it never hurts to start thinking of new ideas early!