Jewish Federation of St. Louis

Jewish Federation of St. Louis Increases Website Traffic With an Annual Marketing Strategy

The Jewish Federation of St. Louis mobilizes the Jewish community and its human and financial resources to preserve and enhance Jewish life in St. Louis, Missouri, in Israel, and around the world.

Jewish Federation of St. Louis
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  • December 2023

Through an ongoing retainer that includes content strategy and development, our team at Cornershop is able to support the Jewish Federation of St. Louis (JFSL) team’s website and marketing needs throughout the year, helping them reach their website goals.

On a weekly basis, we work together to decide on the highest priority work to help their team move the needle. It’s always a smorgasbord of work, but might include:

  • Website updates
  • Google Ad Grant management
  • SEO work
  • Website analysis and recommendations
  • Email list organization
  • And more!

Aside from opening up staff capacity to be able to focus on the organization’s mission, much of our work together is geared toward driving traffic to the website and engaging the people who land there. And in 2022, we were able to increase the number of visitors to their website by more than 750%. That’s a lot of people learning about their work and mission who would not have been on their website otherwise!

Moving forward, we’re looking forward to helping the JFSL team continue to grow both their website traffic and supporter engagement through our retainer.