Network for Research in Jewish Education (NRJE)

New Website for NRJE

NRJE’s new website is flexible, well-designed, and easy to access and edit through multiple user roles.

New Website for NRJE
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  • March 2018

Like many organizations, a community of people maintain NRJE’s website. With a limited budget, they needed a clean, appealing site with enough flexibility to accommodate a new logo and many content editors.

First, we migrated content from their old WordPress site. Then we customized a Jupiter theme with their branding and helped to organize their content and menu structure.

NRJE Before

NRJE After


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  • The Cornershop team offered us not just the chance to dream about a beautiful new public face for our network, but helped us to do so in a way that was thoughtful, aligned with our mission and vision, and structured to help us think critically about our own actual needs, our internal resources and our hopes and dreams for our network's future. Always patient, always knowledgeable and always ready to be flexible and helpful, Monica and Ira and their team helped us to deal with internal snafus with grace and enabled us to launch a polished new website to bring us into the 21st century! We look forward to working with them again and again!

    Sara Shapiro-Plevan, Founder and Lead Consultant