Ophthalmology Foundation

Ophthalmology Foundation Gets a Fresh Start with a New Website

Ophthalmology Foundation serves practitioners and educators of Ophthalmology, focusing on holding programs and providing resources and fellowships to practitioners.

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  • February 2021

After some organizational changes, Ophthalmology Foundation needed a fresh start with a new website. We started by designing a new logo for the organization, and then Cornershop’s team of developers used the Blocksy theme and one of Blocksy’s demo starter sites called “Charity”, which was combined with original designs and the stackable plugin. 

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the website we built is the donation form, which integrates Gravity Forms, Stripe, and Salesforce to give both supporters and the organization the intuitive experience they need: donors can easily give thanks to the intuitive form, and on the backend, those donations are processed through Stripe and donor information is automatically stored in Salesforce. The cherry on top: a matching email template for MailChimp so they can keep in touch with their constituents in style.