Center for Family Life

Promoting Positive Community Outcomes through New Website

The Center for Family Life provides resources, programs, and services to promote positive outcomes in the lives of adults and families in Sunset Park in NY.

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Date Completed

  • April 2021

When we met the Center, they were embedded within a larger nonprofit and did not have a website of their own. But they were growing, and had recently received their own 501c3, so it was time to “move out” into their own website! 

To put the Center in the spotlight it deserved, we unburied their content from the old site and migrated it into WordPress. We built the new website using the Phlox Pro theme, and set up Google Translate to make sure everyone in their audience could enjoy it. 

After the new site was created, we provided training and documentation which enable the Center for Family Life team to perform their own updates, create blog posts, and promote events going forward.