Salsa Labs

Zapier Integration Added to Salsa Labs

How do you make a great digital product even better? By adding integrations with other awesome products like Salsa Labs did!

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Date Completed

  • May 2021

Salsa Labs is a popular engagement platform for nonprofits. They are best known for their SmartEngagement Technology, which allows nonprofits to optimize their outreach efforts. To increase the functionality of their popular system, Salsa Labs decided to offer Zapier integrations so that their users could easily manage supporter data without having to manually replicate information in multiple systems. To make this happen, they reached out to Cornershop Creative with two separate projects: First, build an integration with Zapier to feed in basic supporter data and allow for some segmentation of groups; and second, to expand the existing Zapier Zap to allow clients to retrieve specific constituent details out of Salsa Engage. 

We created the integrations and performed in-depth QA testing to ensure that everything worked correctly. Thanks to these efforts, Salsa Labs went from a Bronze to Silver rating on Zapier co-branding marketing features!