Jewish Federation of St. Louis

An Organized Email List Helps the Jewish Federation of St. Louis Reach Its Community

The Jewish Federation of St. Louis mobilizes the Jewish community and its human and financial resources to preserve and enhance Jewish life in St. Louis, Missouri, in Israel, and around the world.

Jewish Federation of St. Louis
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  • December 2023

In order to reach this network of community members and partners, the Jewish Federation of St. Louis (JFSTL) relies heavily on email marketing through Mailchimp. Using the client’s retainer engagement, we completed an audit of the JFSTL MailChimp account. Through the audit, the Cornershop team saw that their account was heavily populated with duplicate contacts, unnecessary audiences, and a complicated user experience. It could use some love, and we set out to give it just that.

In order to achieve the JFSTL communication needs and goals, the Cornershop content team took their existing infrastructure, recommended changes to streamline email communications, and reorganized their Mailchimp account. This process cut nearly 60,000 duplicate contacts from their account, saving the client money on licensing fees and creating a much more navigable email system.

Now, the JFSTL team can easily segment emails and communicate with various groups of subscribers without worrying about duplicate communications or needing to import new audiences for every email that they send.

In addition, Cornershop created a user-friendly system that enables subscribers to self select their preferences. Providing this control to the user will help to increase email deliverability and open rates.