New Mexico Community Capital

Native Entrepreneur in Residence Program

The NEIR program needed a dynamic, informational site to help recruit Native American entrepreneurs. A customized WordPress template was the answer.

Native Entrepreneur in Residence Program
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  • May 2017

The Native Entrepreneur in Residence (NEIR) Program is the premier offering of New Mexico Community Capital, a community-focused venture fund. The program seeks to support Native American entrepreneurs through funding, mentorship, resources, and networking. Since its founding, the NEIR program has graduated 24 entrepreneurs, who have created 84 jobs and generated more than 7 million dollars in gross revenues!

NEIR: Impact

NEIR’s old website was an ancient WordPress instance that didn’t do this vibrant program justice: it featured distorted images, visible code,  and broken links.

The new site, based on Jupiter with the Callirhoe template is a million times better. It’s simple but functional, and best of all, is easy for the NEIR program staff to maintain. Site visitors are encouraged to learn the stories behind NEIR graduates, and to apply online to begin their own NEIR journeys.

NEIR: What We Do

When we finished building this dynamic site, we cloned it and customized it to suit the needs of NEIR’s organizing body, New Mexico Community Capital.