WP Congress

Engage your supporters and empower their activism with this WordPress plugin.

If you’re an advocacy organization tracking legislation in Congress and your website is powered by WordPress, you need the WP Congress plugin from Cornershop Creative.

The plugin lets you populate your site with information on votes in Congress you choose to import. Simply set your organization’s preferences on those votes to show which legislators are most closely aligned with your organization’s values!

Integrated with the ProPublica Congress API, data includes:

  • General biographical information for current and past members of Congress
  • Voting history for members of the House of Representatives and Senate
  • Bill summaries, amendments, and related bills
  • Voting data updates every 30 minutes
  • A full list of all legislators with pagination
  • Legislators with a voting record at or above a set percentage
  • A clickable map for state legislative district information
  • Search functionality for finding legislators for a users’ address
  • Vote search based on set criteria
  • Technical support for a single year